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Are you a Manning descendant? Want to meet others who share your ancestry? Have a part in the preservation of Manning family history, and our ancestral home, the Manning Manse? Consider joining the Manning Association. Becoming a member is both inexpensive and easy, and entitles you to receive our semi-annual newsletter, and for active members, to attend Association meetings and vote on issues affecting the Association and the Manning Manse. 

Active (voting) members are those who can document that they are descended from William Manning and who are current in their payment of the annual dues of $25.00, and who own stock in the Manning Association. Shares of stock can be purchased from our Treasurer at $1.00 each, with a maximum of 25 shares permitted any active member. 

If you are not a descendant of William Manning (or if you do not wish to be an active/voting member) you can become an Associate Member through the payment of $12.50 annual dues. Associate members are automatically placed on the Association digital mailing list, and receive our semi-annual newsletter via e-mail. They do not vote. Spouses of active members can be associate members. 

Active members in good standing also have the option, through a one-time payment of $500.00, of becoming lifetime members. This preserves their right to vote on issues, while relieving them of the responsibility of annual dues payment. 


Yearly Subscription

Sign up once  and your membership will automatically renew every year

Lifetime Membership

Pay a one time fee and become a member for life

Associate Membership - Yearly Subscription

Sign up once and become an associate member. Your membership will automatically renew every year


56 Chelmsford Rd
Billerica, Middlesex County 01862

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